Blood Tracker

Hunting Light & Blood Tracker is a handy hunting flashlight utility app for the iPhone and Droid that provides light filters of various colors for specific uses in the field to give hunters improved visibility in variable light conditions PLUS the addition of a “blood tracking” light filter that enhances the visibility of a blood trail left by wounded game.  Download it today from the iTunes App Store or from the Android Market!

★ Flashlight (red, green, white, or blue filters)
★ Blood Tracker light
★ Game Track ID pages
★ SOS signal light
★ Field Notes

✓ Red – tactical light that is less detectable by game
✓ Green – useful in low light conditions to preserve night vision
✓ White – general purpose illumination
✓ Blue – absorbed by red object and intensified by green objects
✓ Blood Tracker – enhances red objects and dampens reflected light from green foliage

This alternating combination of red and magenta light utilizes the principle of subtractive color to enhance the color of blood while dampening reflected light from green foliage that helps identify the trail of wounded game.

Features paw/hoof prints of some of the most common game animals so you can learn to identify game by their tracks

The app provides a strobing SOS signal in Morse code for use in emergency situations

Record significant events or observations from the field in the ‘Field Notes’ section. You can even share via email.

Hunting Light and Blood Tracker is the latest hunting app for outdoorsmen created by RedSnake Enterprises – the creators of iSolunar™ Hunting & Fishing Times and Deer Tactics & Calls.


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